Pineapple Air Freshener

Pineapple Air Freshener

Ahh, just imagine the tropical breeze, a perfectly mixed drink with cool water splashing against your toes on a Caribbean beach. Now you can experience the ultimate getaway with a single spray of our pineapple air freshener.

This unforgettable oil based air freshener combines mouthwatering pineapple with a sunny medley of mandarins and grapefruit...

The result? A beachfront vacation on demand. Grab a few bottles today.


 Why Buy BluntPower Air Freshener?

After 20+ years in business and over 10 million bottles sold it's clear BluntPower is the people's choice. With it you can:

  • Eliminate the embarrassing odor of smoke (or anything else)

  • Wrap yourself in a signature aroma every guest will remember

  • Join a massive movement of smokers all over the US

  • Set the perfect mood for romantic 1-on-1 visits

  • Create a relaxing environment for yourself to unwind in on demand

This Long Lasting Oil-Based Air Freshener Lasts For Days


Unlike mass produced water and alcohol based sprays that disappear FAST, our unique formula is oil based. Which means just a few sprays will literally last for days. That's why our catchphrase is "3 Sprays Last For Days"

As an added bonus, each bottle can also be used in any oil burner.

Get The Perfect Fragrance For Your Car, Home Or Work



Each 1.5 oz bottle is highly concentrated and easy to transport. That means you should:

  • Keep a home spray around for guests

  • Keep a car spray around for passengers

  • Keep a work spray around for annoying co-workers that like to gossip

... And never get caught stinkin again!

 Created By Rockstar Perfumers 

Snoop Lion Loves BluntPower


We mean that literally. We've spared no expense, our BluntPower fragrances have been crafted by world class perfumers. These same heavy hitters have worked with internationally known Pop & RnB singers, rappers and national clothing detergent brands.

Which means you get premium quality WITHOUT paying premium prices.

Made In The USA!


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